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Easily manage your district's school activity and associated student body (ASB) funds with OSP by Edlio.
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Online School Payments

A secure accounting system designed to help K-12 school districts accept, track, and analyze all school-related fees.

Just accepting cash is no longer enough

In today's digital world, many families are moving away from cash and checks.
Parents now prefer to have the option of paying school fees with a card.

It's about people as much as the money

Teachers, bookkeepers, and other school staff play a critical role in collecting payments from parents and reporting funds. But manually accepting cards and tracking envelopes of cash gets tricky.

Handwritten receipts lack transparency

With so many different systems and people involved, there's a risk of money or receipts going missing before they reach the district accountants. This makes auditing and data analysis more time-consuming and complex.

It's time to go digital

With the growing need for secure online payments and a transparent way to manage transactions, the future of school funds is digital.

That's why at OSP we focus on creating digital payment solutions designed just for K-12 schools.

Bring it all together with OSP by Edlio

With OSP by Edlio, you can easily track and analyze all school activity funds - no matter how parents choose to pay or who collects the money.

So you can have greater accountability in your district, without the added workload.

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