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OSP by Edlio offers features that are powerful for district accountants, convenient for families, and easy to use for school staff without accounting experience.
Allow families to securely pay for everything from gym clothes to cafeteria debts using their credit cards in a dedicated Online School Store.
Track all cash and checks collected by teachers, staff, and volunteers by having them easily record all transactions through Online Teacher Receipting.
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OSP works for accountants?
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Accept credit card payments in-person using any mobile device with Online Mobile Swipe.
Sell and redeem digital tickets to sporting events, plays, and any other events with Online Ticket Management - both in-person and online.
Manage in-person and online registrations and payments for extended day, summer, and student enrichment programs using Online School Care.
Permit students to register, pay, and access course information online with Online School Registration.
Increase transparency and analyze data by using the built-in reporting tools or our integrations with accounting software like our trusted partner EPES.
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