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Our Clients' Success Stories

“OSP is just awesome!  What a wonderful product that makes life easier for parents and teachers!  They are always looking to improve and make the product that much better!”

Terry k. Hass
Assistant Executive Director of SASBO
CFO at Mooresville Graded School District NC

”Someone was asking how we were collecting fees, what we are using. I answered that I’m using OSP by Edlio, from what I have seen it is the best option. You can customize exactly what you want, the bookkeeping: everything.

Edith Chavez
Senior Financial Manager
North Hollywood High School

“OSP by Edlio has been a blessing as far as things we can do with it and branch out, even to small schools. It’s something that’s not too overwhelming and it’s easy to work with.”

Honey Holmes
Finance Secretary, Paducah Middle School

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