Online School
Activity Funds

Save your district time and money with Online School Activity Funds, a centrally managed accounting system built on the Microsoft Dynamics GP product line.
Online School Activity Funds (OSAF) is a web-based accounting system that helps districts review and analyze financial data related to school activity funds.
Built on the award-winning Microsoft Dynamics GP product line, OSAF offers a powerful online inquiry, industry-leading reporting tools, and remote support capabilities.
Plus, OSAF is centrally managed, meaning there’s no need to install it at each individual school. 

How Fairfax County Public Schools Improved Transparency and Saved Time With OSP’s Online School Activity Funds Feature

The Problem
Fairfax County Public Schools’ central business office was manually gathering data from 250 schools and then inputting it into a single spreadsheet. This tedious process not only required a lot of time, but also led to inaccuracies in financial information and large gaps in risk assessment and fraud prevention.
The Solution
To reduce the time spent consolidating the data and minimize inaccuracies, Fairfax County decided to implement OSP’s Online School Activity Funds (OSAF) module.
The Result
With OSAF, the district’s central office can now instantly access up-to-the-minute financial data and generate detailed reports in just a few clicks, saving hours of time spent on manual data entry. 

Ultimately, the module has provided Fairfax County with stronger audit controls, centralized management and support, and a variety of fraud prevention mechanisms.
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