Online School Registration

Permit students to register, pay, and access course information online with Online School Registration. 
Online School Registration (OSR) allows schools to offer current or prospective students the option of registering and paying for their classes online. Students are able to review all course information and pay any required fees with a credit card online.

OSR integrates with back office course management, student information, and financial systems to help you easily track and manage all registrations and payments. It even includes a Point of Sale component for students registering in-person and paying with cash or check. 

How Broward County Public Schools Simplified Their Registration Process with OSP’s Online School Registration Feature

The Problem
All students in the Broward County Public Schools district were forced to drive to their local school campus several times a year to register for their upcoming semester’s classes. These designated registration periods were not always practical for students’ schedules and often involved long lines at the school. 
The Solution
Broward County decided to implement OSP’s Online School Registration feature to allow students to register and pay for their classes with credit and debit cards online. 
The Result
Students no longer need to drive to their local school campus and stand in line to register. Now they can register and pay for their classes online - anytime, anywhere.

Broward County also installed on-campus kiosks with access to OSR for students who do not have internet access at home or are unaware of the service. 

With the help of OSR, the district has not only made the registration process more convenient for students, but has also reduced their need for staff during the registration periods. 
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